Being a new person in a church is not necessarily a comfortable feeling. We at Calvary Chapel Festus want to try and take the discomfort away. We desire to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and love. We hope you enjoy our casual environment, heartfelt worship, solid Bible teaching and warm fellowship.

Our History

Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian church that began with twenty-five people in Costa Mesa, California, in 1965 by Pastor Chuck Smith. Pastor Chuck was a key minister to the youth in what is called the Jesus Movement of the 1960s. As he reached out to the youth of the counter-culture – the hippies, drug users, and those rebelling against cold traditions, many accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God gave the increase and thousands gave their lives to Christ.

While Smith was pastor, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa became one of the world’s largest churches with more than thirty-five thousand calling it their home church. From this first Calvary Chapel many men were raised up who went out to plant new Calvary Chapel churches. These in turn also raised up new pastors and church planters so that today there are over sixteen hundred Calvary Chapels around the United States and the world.

Calvary Chapel Festus grew out of this movement as a home Bible study started in 2001. Since then God has blessed the ministry of His Word being simply taught, and the fellowship has grown substantially. We believe we are only in the beginning stages of what God wants to do to bless the people in the region through Calvary Chapel.

Our Purpose

Our purpose here at Calvary of Festus is threefold, and can be summed up by what we call the three “Es” of ministry: Exaltation, Edification and Evangelization. First and foremost, the Scriptures are clear that the primary purpose of the church is to glorify God (1 Pet. 2:9). He created the church for His own pleasure (Rev. 4:11). Therefore, it is our strongest desire that He be exalted and glorified in all we do both corporately and individually. In a secondary sense, the church exists for the edifying or the building up of one another; to bring each believer into full maturity so that they might engage in the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:7-16). So here at Calvary, we emphasize the expository teaching of God’s Word, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and encourage the exercise of spiritual gifts as set forth in Scripture (1 Cor. 14). And lastly, our commission is to evangelize the world (Matt. 28:18-20, Mark 16:15 & Acts 1:8). Jesus said when He is lifted up; He will draw all men unto Himself. Paul said when we are built up; we will grow up and therefore manifest His love by serving others. Thus, the natural result becomes salt and light in a world of decay and darkness.

Our Beliefs

What is it that makes Calvary Chapel different from other Bible-believing, evangelical churches? It’s always good to have a grasp of the unique work that God has done in our fellowship. If Calvary Chapel is exactly like the church across the street it would be better to simply merge the two. But, if there are distinctives that make us different, then we have a unique and special place in the plan of God. Certainly there are churches that share many of our beliefs and practices. We’re not renegades. But God has done a wonderful work of balance in the Calvary Chapel movement that does make us different in many areas.

There are many who believe in the gifts and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, but they don’t have a strong emphasis on Biblical teaching, nor do they look to the Word to guide their experiences with the Holy Spirit. There are many who have a strong emphasis on teaching the Word of God, but they don’t share the view that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available and valid today. In Calvary Chapel we find the teaching of the Word, and an open heart to the work of the Holy Spirit. It is this balance that makes Calvary Chapel a distinct and uniquely blessed movement of God. And so it’s important to understand the Biblical principles that make up the picture of why God has allowed us to exist and grow.

The Calvary Chapel Church has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are not a denominational church, nor are we opposed to denominations as such. We are opposed only to the emphasis of non-biblical teachings that divide the body of Christ. We believe that the true basis of Christian fellowship is God’s love, which is greater than our differences. Without His love, we have no right to say we are Christians.

  • We Believe: worship of God should be Spiritual. Therefore: We remain flexible and yielded to the Holy Spirit to direct our worship.
  • We Believe: worship of God should be Inspirational. Therefore: We give a great place to music in our worship.
  • We Believe: worship of God should be Intelligent. Therefore: Our services are designed with great emphasis upon teaching of the Word of God that He might instruct us how He should be worshipped.
  • We Believe: worship of God is Fruitful. Therefore: We look for His love in our lives as the supreme manifestation that we have truly been worshipping Him.

Statement Of Faith

Our Pastor

Scott Parker became a Christian while attending a Baptist church in rural Southern Ohio as a teenager. At the age of 17, he began preaching and teaching the Bible in various churches and then was officially ordained into the ministry at the age of 20. Later, he spent over 6 years in an independent charismatic church while working in Christian radio. After listening to CSN radio (Calvary Satellite Network) for about a year, he left to attend a Calvary Chapel. Scott was called to the Saint Louis area initially as a CSN radio station manager in 2001. After starting a home Bible study that same year, Calvary Chapel Festus began under his leadership in January, 2005 and he continues to serve as the pastor to this day. Pastor Scott is also the featured speaker of the church’s radio ministry, A Word For The Church. Since coming to Christ, it has always been Pastor Scott’s desire to tell others about Jesus Christ and His amazing love. He and his wife DeAnna reside in here in Festus and have two sons, Matthew and Benjamin.

You Are Welcome!

So, we at Calvary Chapel Festus welcome you. We hope you sense the love and presence of Jesus among us, for He is here:

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matt 18:20 (NKJV)

Please join us some Sunday morning for an exciting time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

Thanks for dropping by and may God richly bless you today!